What is a clear bra?

A Clear Bra is a modern replacement for those old black vinyl bras. It is a clear urethane-based film applied to your vehicle so that it follows the contours of your vehicle’s forward facing surfaces, including your headlights. The film forms a protective barrier between your vehicle and road debris. In most cases, it will cover as much, if not more, area than the old vinyl bras did. The Clear bras we install today are designed to stay on your vehicle 24/7, giving you around the clock protection, unlike a vinyl bra that needs to be removed with inclement weather.

The clear bra protection film can be applied to any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV to protect against rock chips, scratches, or abrasions. With proper care, the protective film remains nearly invisible, allowing the brilliance of your vehicles finishes to shine through.

How long is a clear bra meant to last?

Your clear bra’s longevity relies on several factors, most importantly, the quality of the film, how much sunlight it’s exposed to, and how well you take care of the product.
For example, a car kept in a garage has a longer life-span than one exposed to the sun. The manufacturer’s warranty on paint protection film varies from three to ten years. Your film should be inspected at the four- or five-year mark to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Will the film yellow over time?

Potentially. Although the films we use today have specialized top coats and UV inhibitors in them, it is natural for all urethane films to discolor somewhat. However, with the proper care and maintenance, any degradation in the clarity of the film should barely be visible to the human eye.