Do I need to prep the car before installation?

Yes, please thoroughly clean your vehicle prior to dropping off. We will take care of any additional prep: Potentially. Although the films we use today have specialized top coats and UV inhibitors in them, it is natural for all urethane films to discolor somewhat. However, with the proper care and maintenance, any degradation in the clarity of the film should barely be visible to the human eye.

Is the application of the film permanent?

No, it is not permanent. It is difficult to remove, but it can be removed without harming the paint as long as it was properly installed and not installed on fresh paint. Fresh paint needs to be totally cured before a clear bra is installed.

Are scratches or nicks reparable?

The clear coat is the self-healing layer and is approximately 13 microns thick. If that layer is penetrated, the film will not heal.